Not Sorry

becameBoundaries are essential: to our health, happiness, work, relationship, finances. More often than not, other people feel entitled to ask whatever they feel they want or need, disregarding our privacy, rights and wishes.

A self-described recovering perfectionist, for years I would spend my time and energy on things I didn’t care about or hadn’t chosen. I tried to please everyone – worrying about them first, myself second.

Then, when I turned 30, something shifted. I became sick and tired of considering other people’s opinion before my own, unimpressed by demands and obligations that were making me feel guilty and inadequate, rather than happy.

Little by little, I began to detach myself from other people’s expectations and situations that annoyed me – from bad dates to after-work events. Instead, I started prioritising people and situations I truly cared about.

From physically decluttering my space to surrounding myself with positive, inspiring people – it really is about making a constant, conscious effort to find out what’s truly important and letting go of everything else.

These everyday efforts lead to a great feeling of freedom: freedom from fears and judgments. I’m not talking about problem-free, feel-good kind of life, but about taking full responsibility for our own happiness.

Here are 10 things about which I, personally, no longer care about:

  1. Judgments – Your opinion is not my reality.
  2. Appearances – No makeup, no problem.
  3. FOMO – I choose JOMO every time.
  4. Social media – *Unfollows without unfriending.*
  5. Success – I’d rather be happy than successful.
  6. Stuff – Less is really more.
  7. Bikini body – I’m so done with body-shaming myself.
  8. Plans – I love making plans, just to change them.
  9. Wealth – Money is not a goal – it’s a tool.
  10. Perfection – Good enough is really good enough.



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