Why So Busy?

It seems that nowadays being busy comes with a superstar status.

Lately, I’ve had the impression that, for some people, constantly telling others how busy they are brings a sense of achievement, making them feel successful and in-demand – rather than communicating the actual time-starvation.

I’ve been there too, for many years, constantly filling my schedule with extra projects, random drinks and dinners out. The absence of weekend plans felt like a failure – a suspicion of unpopularity and worthlessness.

Now that I’ve learned to genuinely love my empty evenings, I finally see that my busyness was an involuntary yet direct consequence of my ambition and anxiety, rather than purposeful activities.

From managing work to mending friendships, I was wasting time and energy on things that, quite frankly, were making me unhappy. I felt drained, out of control, overwhelmed by the endless to-do lists.

In a world where everyone is “Busy!” “So busy.” “Crazy busy.”, promptly followed by “Super tired.” and “Exhausted”, I refuse to complain and choose to consciously create a different, slower way.

It’s not always easy, since I still work in a fast-paced environment where talking about how busy you are seems to be the secret to success; where being overloaded and unavailable is the right way to go.

For years, I’ve tried to play by those rules – only to end up feeling physically and creatively burn out. I was overpowered by my obligations and, most importantly, my own expectations of how my life should look like.

Now, there’s a new way of being I strive to embody. I’ve learned to prioritise my needs and goals, which (surprise, surprise) don’t involve expensive cocktails or meaningless chit-chats. I’m also challenging myself to complain less – but that’s a story for another post.

Above all, I’m determined to respect my boundaries and honour my values, which don’t include prestige and promotion, but focus on freedom, relationships, health and happiness.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I want to hear from you. Give me some comments, your thoughts, your links, your ideas, opinions and beyond. I promise to write back to each and every one.




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  1. I totally agree. I have a co-worker who comes in every morning saying “I’m exhausted.” It’s a sentiment I am glad I don’t echo. In general, I find myself energized and ready to face my day because I spend my evenings recharging.


    1. Hi Hailey, you’re so right. Recharging the right way – which may mean different things to different people – is so important. Great blog BTW and thanks for your comment!


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