The Weekend Edit #2

Ready. Set. Read.

How I Turned $30 Into $10,00 In One Year – Refinery29

“When I looked at it that way, I realised how easy it was to give up things I’d been conditioned to want or “need” when something much more valuable was at stake. You know, like happiness and creative fulfilment.”

3 Steps To Design The Life You Want, No Trust Fund Required – The Financial Diet

“A lot of life is mundane. Give yourself time. It’s easy to look at yet another bill and feel like you’ll be stuck in 9-5 employment forever. But you have options. You can move on.Because life becomes easier when you feel you have options.”

10 Life-Changing Lessons I Wish I Learned Sooner – Tiny Buddha

“No job, promotion, money, relationship or house will ever change how I feel about myself. Achievement is the icing on the cake, so it’s important to learn to like the cake that’s the sum of who we are first, so we have something to ice.”

5 Body Positivity Books You Need To Read – Bodyposipanda

“Because this epidemic of body hatred is bigger than you. It’s bigger than me. It is a cultural brainwashing upheld by some of the biggest industries, institutions and social belief systems in the world.”

The Detox Tea I Can’t Stop Drinking – The Coveteur

“I’ve mastered what I like to think is my own personal remedy—I self-styled it my concoction (but is essentially a simple and delicious turmeric tea)—which I drink nonstop, especially in the depths of winter.”



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