The Happiness Challenge #2

With the stream of scientific research and personal stories of changed lives – all showing the benefits of meditation – I’ll spare you the long list or reasons why meditation is good for us.

What actually convinced me to give it a try was a chapter from this book, which compared the effects of long-term meditative training to a successful Prozac treatment.It seemed like a tangible – and intriguing – proof.

With the New Year slowly rolling out, it also seemed like a perfect time to start the second Happiness Challenge (after the success of the first one): I’ll meditate for one month, for at least 10 minutes per day.

Combining theory and practice, I’ve armed myself with a couple of books to explore both the secular and spiritual aspects of the practice, as well as some apps with guided tracks, ambient sounds and a timer.

For now, I’m halfway through the free Take 10 program by Headspace. As for the potential benefits, it’s way too early to judge, but in all honesty – every evening – I really look forward to my little morning routine which, by all standards, is a good sign.

And for the curious ones: a quick link to The Happiness Challenge #1 – a sort of Dry January in high summer. To my own surprise, it went really well – I’m still an occasional but a much more mindful drinker.

Feel like joining the challenge? Share your tips, tricks and experience in the comments section below.


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