From Surrender To Serenity

“It might be that to surrender to happiness was to accept defeat, but it was a defeat better than many victories.”

W. Somerset Maugham

When thinking about change, one would assume that it involves a lot of action and intentional activities to reach the goal. When things don’t go our way, we work harder. Right?

Well, maybe not. This past year has brought so many challenges and struggles that – eventually – I simply gave up. I was so tired of striving and fighting, that at some point I decided to simply embrace the status quo.

When all attempts to change the situations I didn’t want felt fruitless and frustrating, I was finally able to let go.

I had pushed myself to the limit and was left exhausted and burned out. In a society that rewards those who go faster and higher, I knew I needed to hit the breaks. Apparently, what I’ve experienced is called surrender.

Surrender, at its core, is the willingness to meet life as it is, to stop fighting or trying to change it. It is the absence of all strategies.

The funny thing is that I used to read about it many times before, wondering ‘How do I get there?’ and yet I didn’t have the ability to apply the theory to real life. Now, reading the same captions feels liberating and rewarding, as I recognise myself in so many of them.

The final surprise? I hadn’t realised it was surrender I was experiencing until I started writing this post which – by the way – was supposed to discuss a completely different topic. I guess that’s exactly how surrender works.

It’s not about giving up a situation, but the notion of should. This, in turn, helps us get back in touch with our thoughts and feelings – no judgement, just appreciation – and throws light upon new possibilites.

It is precisely in admitting my own powerlessness that I found strength – an openness to alternatives beyond my expectations. When I finally acknowledged I just couldn’t do it, I could relax and embrace the unknown.

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