Know Your Values

”Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Every day, we wonder about so many things: what to wear, what to eat, whether to go out or stay in, where to go on holidays.

We give these little decisions so much importance and power over our wellbeing, when in fact they’re only a tiny part of a bigger picture, a reflection of something much more important: our values.

It took me a while to fully grasp that concept. In the past, I had often mistaken temporary gratification and bursts of excitement for happiness and fulfilment. I can still remember that emotional roller-coaster and the deep desire for harmony.

Now I know that the peace and stability I was wishing for stem from knowing and living according to our values. The little, everyday choices are in fact a direct reflection of these core concepts.

Do you know what’s really important to you? What you value most in life? We spend so much time pondering the meaningless, that we end up forgetting about what truly matters.

Often, we unconsciously adopt the values of the people around us – our parents, partners, colleagues. And yet becoming crystal clear on what is really important to us is the key to leading a happy life.

Values are who we are, who we want to be – not who we think we should be. Happiness is not about perfect big events in life, but about the culmination of myriad of little moments. 

Our values are the building blocks of the type of life we truly want. Ultimately, they allow us to prioritize effectively, make consistent decisions and take action in a way that leads us to success and happiness.

When we make choices that are in line with our values, we experience harmony. They illuminate our lives from the inside out. They make every decision, big or small, clearer and easier than ever before.

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