Success Vs. Happiness

As my attempts at defining success continue, I thought I’d share with you a few very inspiring lines by a fellow writer Lauren Martin, which I think perfectly capture the real difference between success and happiness.

Every time I read this list, it reminds me of what really matters – not the money, connections or awards but staying true to oneself, in an authentic expression of one’s values, beliefs and needs.

Hope it can do the same for you.

Success is all the money in the world. Happiness is having people to spend it on.

Success is measurable. Happiness is limitless.

Success is a fancy car. Happiness is a great ride.

Success is working hard. Happiness is loving the work.

Success is the fame. Happiness is the rise.

Success is the race. Happiness is the finish line.

Success is having everyone know your name. Happiness is having the right people know your name.

Success is being right. Happiness is being true.

Success is earned. Happiness is achieved.

Success is awards. Happiness is its own reward.

Success is money in the bank. Happiness can’t be deposited.

Success is private jets. Happiness is flying high.

Success is never easy. Happiness will never feel difficult.

Success is money. Happiness is value.

Success is sacrifice. Happiness is plentiful.

Success is late hours. Happiness is all day.

Success is second homes. Happiness is always home.

Success is pursuing your dreams. Happiness is living your dreams.

Success is praise. Happiness is never needing it.

Success is reaching the top. Happiness has no ceiling.

Success is all the money in the world. Happiness is needing none of it.

Success is doing what you love. Happiness is loving what you do.

Success is just ahead. Happiness was never behind.

Success is pursued. Happiness is acquired.

Success is getting everything you ever wanted. Happiness is not needing any of it.

Success is calculated. Happiness doesn’t need a cheat sheet.

Success is envied. Happiness is shared.

Success is perfection. Happiness is embracing the imperfections.

Success is going the distance. Happiness is enjoying the destination.


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