Intensive Self-Care

Lately, I’ve been feeling really tired – exhausted even – mentally and physically. Recovering from a burnout (story for another post) is a tough, time- and energy-consuming process.

For the past few months, I’ve been overwhelmed with the constant sense of not having any energy, of being completely spent, of not feeling enthusiastic about pretty much anything anymore.

So, as I’m slowly dealing with the recovery process and trying to figure out my next step, I started wondering: what’s the most effective way to recharge my batteries on a daily basis?

I’ve decided that, in order to fully regain my forces, I need to re-learn the importance of good self-care and making time to rest.

I started rethinking my self-care practice, which I had solidly built for the past years and which mainly included drinking, eating and shopping – the coping strategies that I’m happy to leave behind.

What’s the right way to go, then? Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. Start Noticing

I tune into my feelings in order to figure out what is it that my body and mind are craving: rest, exercise, sleep or connection?

2. Plan Ahead

I try to make sure that I’ve included all different types of activities into my weekly schedule, from regular workouts to meeting friends.

3. Embrace Solitude

As an introvert, I’ve learned to embrace my need for quiet time as a way to regain my energy – no feelings of shame or guilt.

4. Everything In Moderation

When I experience a strong food craving, I try to choose the healthiest option and be mindful of portions sizes.

5. Prioritize Sleep

Getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night really improves my energy levels throughout the day.

6. Unplug From Technology

I’m trying to check my phone less frequently or even physically leave it at home, to be fully unplugged.

7. Declutter

I spend a little time every day tidying my home. Coming back to a clean, peaceful space really makes the difference.

8. The Power Of Silence

We’re constantly bombarded with stimuli, sounds and situations. For me, silence is where I find energy and peace.

9. The Exercise Effect

From yoga to long recreational walks, moderate exercise makes me feel better, happier and more relaxed.

10. Beautify Your Body

A reinvigorating shower, a relaxing massage, a DIY beauty treatment – taking good care of my skin is an everyday habit and a pleasure.

11. Little Pleasures

From treating myself to fresh flowers to lighting up candles in the evening, sometimes the smallest gestures are the greatest.

12. Passion Projects

Leaving my day-to-day routine behind and making time for things I truly enjoy at least for a few hours is absolutely crucial.

13. Invite Newness

Trying new activities and switching things up a little makes me feel energised, motivated and inspired.

14. Stay Connected 

I love expanding my social circles, meeting new people, as well as re-connecting with my childhood and long-distance friends.

15. Learn To Let Go

I say “no” to social arrangements when I am feeling overwhelmed, and instead I choose to lay low, read or go for a walk.

What are your strategies to fully relax and restore? Please, share your tips in the comments section below.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. rootsofstrength says:

    I love this post! Decluttering is such an important tactic!


    1. Glad you liked it and thanks for dropping a comment!


  2. Exercise. Quiet me times. Eating well/juicing. Hot baths.


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